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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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lost their lives september 11th, sunday marks 15 years since that day that changed so many lives, really the world. our steve keeley was there then, and he is back there right now talking about so many changes that have have happened since that day. plus, the heat is on, again and humidity again. heat advisory extended and so are early dismissals in our area which districts are affect, almost all have of them, your kids are coming home early. we're talking everything eagles, come on down, we have music, food, cheerleaders, we
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have got swoop, good day, it is september 9th, 2016. send us your eagles pictures if you get all geared up. i'm telling you enthusiasm has changed from a week ago. >> i think it is exciting to have a new quarterback, new beginning, not what we thought but they mixed it up, change the game. >> i was than thing to the game but now. karen is in for will alex, taking sometime off with her family. she has her green going on. >> i would be wearing green but we have a green screen we have to stand in front of. >> blacks is part of the colors. >> yes. >> yesterday at this time we had a huge accident, on i-95. it was involving pennies. we're back on i-95 if you no pennies. >> no pennies, michael. no change here. but that was an overturn box truck is how it all started. we had chopper there. we lost chopper. we will get them tuned back in. here's the deal southbound lanes of i-95, an overturn truck at naamans road.
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this is right at delaware state line. the remember, this time yesterday we had pennies, and the tractor trailer on the northbound side coming into delaware. this morning we are dealing with the southbound side for folks heading into delaware. here's a live from penndot camera the box truck they have uprighted the truck. there was a vehicle involved in there as well, driver of that vehicle taken to the local hospital but there is only one lane opened right new coming southbound, there we go, sky fox, looking live, jammo, as you head southbound. this is an unusual, early morning situations where again as you head south there say blue route, past the commodore barry bridge heading down in toward delaware there is only one lane opened. so we're already off to a bad start here as we head southbound in towards wilmington this morning. the here's a live look at the 42 freeway, headlights toward philadelphia, no problems working your way toward walt
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whitman bridge, an accident on 295 northbound right at florence columbus and double jam tonight we have bruce at the ball arc. adele across the street. double jams. the kid combo to adele, parent can hang out the at bruce concert. what is it like for those outdoor bruce fans. >> they will sweat, if you prefer the vernacular. it will be a hot one today and very humid. we have another six out of ten in weather by the numbers. here's bus stop buddy. mild start. just like yesterday, eagles gear, make sure you are hydrated. seventy-five to 80 degrees to get started this morning. eighty-one in the city. eighty in wilmington. seventy in mount pocono. seventy-eight wildwood. when we're starting off we will only go up from here. it will feel like around 100 degrees, all areas included in the heat advisory. ultimate doppler we have had a couple showers very light moving through, there is a look at your loop there but just about all of them are drying up.
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so today we will get a high temperature once again in the 90's, heat wave, day number three. it becomes official. >> you are telling me school districts in the area letting out early. >> it is philadelphia public school, it is philadelphia archdiocese schools, trenton school district, camden county schools. we have all of the times because out early is relative to the school district but we have all of the times on fox good that is more important than the fact that we are telling you they are getting out early so we should put the times up. i'm quite sure philadelphia public and catholic schools are getting out at noon. >> most people get a robo call too. >> yes. >> another night in philadelphia another shooting this time a triple shooting. thirty he lease investigating that triple shooting that happened at 1:30 at fifth and erie. police tell us two teens, 17 and 18 were shot, a 40 year-old man was also wounded in the shooting.
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all three were riding bicycles when shots were fire. all were taken to the hospital for treatment. no arrests just yet. we also had an intense police pursuit that came to an end with a a big crash. a vehicle on its side. the officers were following a stolen suv they say trying to stop driver before somebody got hurt. police say they even had to fire their weapons in this one. >> they shot at within of the drivers here, what is going on here, dave. >> very bizarre case. it was starting out as a simple traffic stop and what happened was police fired on a stolen suv which ended up crashing on the corner of ann and richmond streets in philadelphia. lets take you right to the beginning near e and clearfield streets in the city. it is when police officers tried to stop suv reported stolen. we are told the driver pulled away quickly and as it was fleeing it rammed police car and started ripping through city streets. officers opened tire but suv
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continued driving at one point even going wrong way down the one way street. cops gave pursuit but you back off, later. they followed suv to ann and richmond streets where it slammed in the curve. it appears that the philadelphia police transport van was able to use a pit maneuver and suv crashed. woman driving was taken in custody a after lacing lives in danger. now big question is why did she do this in the first place. they are hoping to get those answers as morning progresses, back to you. developing right now north korea says that it has successfully conducted its fifth nuclear explosion test. several countries including south korea, japan, china have condemned the actions. so has the united states. pentagon is calling it a serious provocation. nuclear test which cause aid 5.3 magnitude earthquake at least it registered on the scale, violates numerous u.n.
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security council resolutions. north korea does not seem to care. north korean state television says this test is in retaliation to recent sanctions by western nations including the you had. this sunday marks 15 years since the day that change the world for all of us, september t attacks. >> the plans, of course hit the world trade center in new york city, pentagon, washington and then there was another one who crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. entire nation overcome, with anger, emotion fear, confusion, realize these were no accidents. world trade center site became known as ground zero, a mangled mess of what was the financial capitol of the entire world. >> fifteen years late their site has been transformed into a memorial, i think beautiful, for those who lost their lives and a new symbol of american percent screens, the freedom tower. i think it is a beautiful site and reflecting pools,
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gorgeous. footprints of the original towers. steve keeley was working with us that morning. he screamed up to, as i remember, you saw second tower fall from liberty state park in new jersey. >> reporter: what a coincidence, mike because i'm's seeing the second tower being built. this one will look like steps, i pulled a picture of it if we have it available, within of the victim survivors say it is like a stairway to heaven. the late morley safer did the great stories on the architect design the building. when that building up this place will be transformed but you can still see construction site around here, and then to the lefties the freedom tower, and on the other side of this famous sky walk here that we remember collapsing, is the park that opened up to the pun at 7:30. this weekend a time to commemorate and time to commiserate. you will hear of the phrase 15th anniversary of
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september 11th but word anniversary certainly one you won't hear on our show, anniversary are for happy occasions, 15 years of marriage per se. all around here it is again time to remember and reflect it has been 15 years to rebuild, honor a finished freedom tower and now second way different looking tower and building under construction and in between that memorial, stunning and sad on the exact site and fun days of the world trade center. karen, chris, and mike, as new york and the nation get strength from the country's foundation, and freedom, that all of the people who were killed that day and all those killed battling terrorist since that day can be thought of today, sunday and for everybody, every day good that is for sure, every day. steve and i really like the second tower, stairway to heaven. >> i have never seen that. >> the mother of a 23 year-old man who was killed that day will join news an hour or so. she said it never gets easier
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even though it has been 15 years, as you can imagine. 6:10. a simple change a local grocery store making a big difference in the lives of countless families. it is amazing what a grocery store can to for a neighborhood. simple change to make a big difference to help so many people. did you hear about this one, wow, major blunder from a presidential candidate, so gary johnson, what he didn't know that has people questioning is this guy qualified to run for president a republican owe.
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it is not just the normal tantrum but when you tell a kid with as burgers no they can just shut down and it is a complete fight and better off just better buying it and have that fight there, and completely removes that. well, that store director says he made this change because he would hear these stories from parents were upset, mother of an autistic five-year old child who says the whole point toys make shopping experience just better experience. >> nice job, shop rite. 6:13. donald trump and hillary clinton responding there the commander in chief forum. what do they do? they criticize each other some more. so had each candidate has to say about the others performance, high five up top. >> thanks, jen fred. and football is back this sunday we're talking eagles all morning, pep rally here at
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fourth and market. there is music, food, fun. and we have two new dudes, on the field, carson wentz there. and coach doug pederson with their debut sunday against the browns. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know
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more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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updating our breaking news at 6:17. we are looking live at sky fox over the jammo on i-95. ninety-five again today. this time it is southbound. we are bumper to bumper southbound i-95, stacked and packed from pretty much chichester all the way down to approaching naamans road all because of an early morning overturn truck. we have no pennies or coins on the roadway this morning, but nonetheless a southbound jam, heading in toward delaware. lets go to the maps. same situation as yesterday but it is on the southbound side. we are jammed. this is our penndot camera here showing actual truck in the center lanes here of i-95 south. so only that far right lane is opened, southbound, as you head in towards right at delaware state line right there at naamans road, so give yourself some extra time from say blue route on down, here's a live look at a camera at
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highland avenue right by mcdonald's here just to give you a location here but you you can see bumper to bumper. put 20 minutes on the clock northbound 295 an accident at florence columbus interchange that is causing a delay. as we mentioned kid coming home early, 12 noon dismissal for philadelphia public and parochial schools. we never got out early, right, never. nuns just said put your head down, turnout fluorescent lights like that made a big difference but put your head down and, of course, we will tiehl with those school buses at noon time today to make sure when lights are flashing, no passing on the school bus. so that will bring us lunchtime jam. they will stay home and stay in the air conditioning when they get there, right. >> of course. >> they are not outside playing, hotter then they would be then if they were in class. >> right. >> here we are with the day starting out this early in the morning at 6:00 o'clock hour with 81 degrees in philadelphia 80 in wilmington.
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seventy-nine in dover. you know it will be a hot one. we did have a shower roll through earlier in the day, most of them dried up, we may see vick will around atlantic city aroundes tell manor and it just keeps it humid to have us. the as we look real quick, north and west of the city we can see pop up then are storm later on after we get into the 90's. so we are looking at a high temperature today of 93. now the record is 94. we could tie a record, storms late in the day but saturday that is after we get in the 90's once more. 87 degrees, is our high. we will look at 78 degrees. pleasant it will be on monday and staying in the 80's on tuesday. so much more comfortable as we head into next week but a couple of press firing days to go, guys. >> a guy on twitter just contacted me his name is
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michael kraft an uber driver and came by to stretch his legs. he wants to take a selfie. so, turn around, let's get the selfe. there he goes. that is so funny. come on, hurry up, michael. he got it, boom. >> that is so cool. >> lets go to the race for white house and politics. two major party candidates responding to criticism from wednesday night's command inner chief forum on military and veterans affairs. donald trump insist he was always an opponent of the iraq war and focused his criticism of his rival. hillary clinton defended comment she made about u.s. troops in iraq and syria and she also attack trump. >> it is like he is living in his own celebrity reality tv
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program. you know, what donald this is real reality. this is real people, this is real decisions that have to be made. >> this is yet more evidence that clinton is unfit to be your commander in chief. >> those two candidates will appear on stage together for the first time on september 26th. i wonder if one of the third party candidates will make it on stage if they get enough people in polling. one of the people they are talking about is gary johnson. >> gary johnson libertarian candidate. donald trump was on a audio tape when he said he was supporting the war in iraq when visiting howard stern. you are talking about gary johnson, somewhat embarrassing moment on live television for libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson. during an on set interview gary was asked a question that clearly stumped him about a city, major city, in syria. >> sit it is aleppo, where we
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have been seeing horrible images happening to the people and region for years. >> for years. >> most politicians, did his best to at first play it off. >> what would you do if you were elect about aleppo, about aleppo. >> and what is aleppo. >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria, it is the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it. >> he went on to explain that he blanked out there, he certainly knows about syria he says. he also says that the interview was a black eye for his campaign which is currently drawing support from about 9 percent, 10 percent of the public in the latest poll i have seanez specially over last two weeks when that image of the five-year old boy injured in aleppo was the face of aleppo.
6:23 am
>> still photograph, and capture innocence of the children affect there. >> did not look good. >> so that is what happens you get over that course of time you get to learn about the world stage and he has this is been in the spotlight that long. >> just two days away, i'm a little bit pumped up i have to admit. we have a pep rally here at fourth and mark at 7:00 this morning. pep band will be here. cheerleaders, swoop. food. dunkin' donuts has pulled up. we're ready to go. >> i saw carson went was up and tweeting. he is up and tweeting a couple minutes ago. let look at winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm shawn shane bell. eagles getting ready for cleveland browns with a new quarterback but browns qb that we might have to really worry about and might decide the outcome of the game. robert griffin the third is getting a fresh start after a tumultuous few years with washington. tearing his acl has left people questioning whether rg3 could get back to the pro bowl caliber player he once was but connor barwin knows first hand that robert griffin may be a a problem on sunday. >> i trained for a week down in houston with r good three
6:27 am
and he is an impressive athlete. we were conditioning, running together. i know he is hundred percent healthy now. he is as explosive as he has ever been. phillies/nationals, bats were a live in this one. third inning, look at this, peter borges nails the foul bowl. that is a solo shot, putting phillies on the board. later in the inning ryan howard with the three run blast. phillies win four-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. here we go again, even more challenge to keep it cool today. we will tell you how long this heat advisory last and what is up for weekend and the eagles game, all of those forecast coming up. what is up with our roads, again another traffic problem on i-95 south in delaware we have got a serious accident, second day in a row, bob kelly has what you need to know next. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this morning, expanding several neighborhoods, the crash, gunfire from the police, what police say the driver did moments before the chase started. and another day this heat wave is continuing, it is our seventh heat wave of the summer, it is having an major impact on the schools in every direction, north, west, east and right here in center city. which districts are letting out early to get the kid out of the heat. a lot of room for that, air conditioning.
6:31 am
bird are back in town and we want to make sure you are ready come down to fourth and market at 7:00 this morning a eagles pep rally. we're kind of pumped up, we sure feel different a week ago from a week ago when carson went was not the starting quarterback but now he is. >> it should be fun. >> ready to go. >> yes. >> something to cheer about. good day it is september 9th we will see if there is anything to cheer about monday morning. >> yes. >> right now we're optimistic. >> again, another morning, another messy commute on i-95. >> bob kelly, explain what is going on. >> 6:31. we are looking live, where sky fox just started moving, we had early morning truck accident south i-95 right here they are naamans road, police, emergency crews, they have cleared everything up. it is moving right here right here near the accident scene but lets go to the jam cams, one of the traffic cameras here still backup from the blue route again almost like they opened up the faucet
6:32 am
here, traffic starting to move southbound in toward naamans road, this is 295 northbound at florence columbus, it looks like center around that grass median but again heading north bound be ready to hit the breaks here at florence columbus interchange. we have word of another accident north east extension northbound north of the mid county interchange and big old oak tree down on bryn mawr avenue block atwood bine so look out in the neighborhood there. they have to get chain saws out, chop up firewood for when it gets chilly. not chilly right now, though hot and humid today. >> we have to wait before we say that word because it is heat and humidity once again. we have extended heat advisory at noon time today until 6:00 p.m., once again, feeling like the triple digits. we will give you a six out of ten in weather by the thumbs. bus stop buddy has best advice at all stay hydrated and wear eagles green on sun take.
6:33 am
seventy-five to 80 degrees. we had a few showers around earlier but just, cloud left over right now and, temperature 81 degrees. eighty-one at 6:30 in the morning. relative humidity at 79 percent. we know it will be a hot one. we will get in the 90's today. highs around 93. record is 94. we could tie a record today. >> let's find out later this have afternoon. it is so hot, your kid are coming home from school, early, today. it will affect philadelphia public schools. they are starting at noon because of the heat. saw kids in the classroom they came out drenched with sweat and ones that did not have air conditioning. same thing for trenton, reading and camden county making these same decisions right there. >> you mentioned public schools in philadelphia and catholic schools in fail at noon, other times, some are at noon, some at 1:00. you need to go to the fox to get the exact times
6:34 am
your school will let out and i'm sure most will get robo calls to the parents. >> 6:34. philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting, involving teens that happened overnight at 1:30. it is at fifth and erie. police are telling us there were two teens, 17, 18 shot a 40 year-old hand was also wounded in this shooting, all three were riding bikes when this occurred. they have been taken to the hospital for treatment. in arrests made. wild police chase last night through streets of philadelphia lands one woman behind bars. they took a shot at her too the cops did. >> this is a confusing situation. lets get out to dave kinchen to explain what we know at this early hour, dave. >> reporter: different parts on this. it was supposed to start out as a simple police stop but instead ended with police firing on the stolen suv which ended up crashing on the corn are of ann and richmond streets in the city. let take you to the beginning
6:35 am
near e and clearfield streets in philadelphia when police officers tried to stop the suv which had been reported, stolen. we were told that the driver pulled off quickly and as it was fleeing from cops it rammed the police car, and started ripping through city streets. but suv continued driving, at one point going wrong way down the one way street. cops gave pursuit, but back off later, they followed the suv to ann and rich machine streets where it slammed in the curve and it appears that philadelphia police transport van used a pit maneuver forcing the vehicle to lose control and turn on its side, suv crashed, woman was taken into custody after placing many lives in danger. >> we see vehicle coming the wrong way attempting to stop that vehicle, again, it is one of the things where the person, obviously is no the using their head trying to get away but they know vehicle is
6:36 am
following the officer. they don't know this. but it is put ago lot of people in danger just on that block alone and then also traveling through this area here. >> reporter: police telling us woman has a hand injury. they are not sure if it is from the accident or what it the may be caused by. here's another look at the aftermath police looking at that scene looking at everything and big question is why did this woman just not stop and put so many lives in danger? that is question police are trying to answer this morning. >> thanks, dave. this morning zip line attraction in delaware reopens two weeks after a woman died. state police say 59 year-old tina werner of felt on, fell, 35 feet from the top of the platform. officials say she was waiting to go down a zip line at go ape course in the state park. the investigators say it was an accident caused by participant error quote unquote. they say that she unhook her
6:37 am
harness. chair of the ursinus board of trustees has stepped down after his wheat from his a long time ago, started an uproar on campus. the president of the college has accepted his resignation. he is, michael marcon, marcon had previously apologized for some of the racist, sexist tweets. they reference president obama, caitlin jenner, and woman who wear yoga pants. the board will meet later this month about who will replace mr. marcon. well, we have vowed so many times we will never forget. this weekend marks 15 years since the september 11th attacks and we will remember those nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives on that horrific day, first responders who risks their in what was deadliest for's tack ever to happen on u.s. soil. so, lets take a look in the place of ground zero now there is a gorgeous memorial there where so many millions have of
6:38 am
people visit year after year they come to remember where they were, to reflect on the people there that we lost and honor them all on that dread full day. right next to the memorial an absolutely gorgeous to you their was once the one world trade center is now freedom tower showing that we cannery build and rights above evil. our steve keeley was in new york city. he went right up there the day of those attacks five years ago and that is where we find him again on the streets of manhattan, good morning, steve. >> reporter: we're here because end of our monday through friday workweek, good day five days a week now seven days a week now. karen, you will be on sunday very solemn day as you will talk about this for sure. here we are at the end of our workweek at least and september 11th falling on a sun take this year. the as we see first workers all around here at world trade center site with the sun up they are showing up for work. many of a sense of relief because of the sense of apprehension they have every year when they come here for
6:39 am
work when september 11th falls on a week day. so on sunday many will be here to remember and reflect but so many others around the world will spend sundays in church and... they will be in pews of their church when towers were hit or when towers fell a pope eighth for all those in church because they will say prayers for all of those killed here 15 years ago. so as we look around here we will see so many signs of change, signs of resolution, straight ahead, greg, signs of the resolution, there will be a second tower once again, once this second under construction is finish, here is artist rentering of how it will look here. remember all those who said 15 years ago that no one would anyway live close to this spot again as we spin our cameras around here, new high rise apartment buildings seem to be going up and quickly filling up on every available piece of land here in lower manhattan.
6:40 am
karen and mike, that right there is definition of good old american resilience. >> perseverance for sure, thank you. you might get them on twitter and facebook, do you have a 15 year-old? what have you told your 15 year-old about the year they were born, maybe day they were born, do you have a september 11th birthday child in your house? i with love to hear wharf told your children about it. >> my co anchor had a daughter born on that day, people married that day. stay with us, memories and thoughts as reflect over the course of this weekend. >> hard to reflect but also time to have fun this weekend because of the eagles game on sunday against the browns at the link. there are two new dudes that will make their debut. doug pederson our new coach on the left and rookie quarterback carson wentz on the right. headlines, back of the paper today is rook and roll. we will talk about monday morning how will it go?
6:41 am
we have fingers crossed. >> we are having a pep rally. speaking of carson wentz, have you seen this video from his high school. he is this is the playing football. here's the thing, we will show you what he is doing and some people call this a little bit strange. >> strange, carson wentz in high school, i know he likes to hunt. >> oh, no. >> i want to see this. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion.
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mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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friday's here and we are anticipating the big game on sunday. by 1:00 it will be 83 degrees. by 4:00, 85. much more comfortable day then what we are anticipate to go day. going down the shore. the rip current risk is low. uv index is high which means lots of sunshine. there will be coastal flooding, clouds, maybe chance of a shower early sunday. heat wave end on saturday, and we have some clouds around as we look ahead at the southeasterly wind that will give us heat and humidity for today and tomorrow as well before that cold front comes through on saturday night. it will feel like 99 or a hundred today. tonight in the springsteen concert at citizens bank park 91 at 7:00 o'clock. it is still in the 90's when the concert start.
6:45 am
99 degrees is feels like temperature and that is what we're talking about with springsteen as well. as we look at the seven day forecast, we have heat today and tomorrow. then that is fight heat wave. then much more comfortable weather. eighty-seven on sunday. seventy's on monday. bouncing back in the 80's on tuesday, by wednesday, we have a chance of showers and back in the 70's again. starting to feel more reasonable by the time we get into next week, bob kelly. >> you got it, 6:45. tgif we made it to the even of the workweek and already a problem on 295 this time and northbound lanes of 295 right at florence columbus interchange. they have a truck here that is on the guardrail but it is northbound heading in to florence columbus there in south jersey. downtown we are line up single file here in the right lane folks exiting for 30th street station, schuylkill expressway westbound starting to see backup from city line out
6:46 am
towards bellmawr avenue. bryn mawr avenue blocked down tree atwood bine so watch for local detours there. as sue mention friday jams tonight we have bruce out doors at the ballpark, adele pack house across the street at wells fargo center. i think you'll see parents dropping kid off for adele and going across the street to see the bruce concert. bruce will be the one that gets out after adele given he played for over four hours the or that it. nonetheless major jams during evening rush hour in and out of the south philadelphia. a lot of folks head to the shore on friday, even though kid are back, look at karen waving their hand there. they have to go through stadium area to get to the bridge. >> bruce might play until the eagles game starts, you never know. boy philadelphia legend seems hits place in basketball history tonight allen iverson will be even shrined in the basketball hall of fame. >> he is one of the ten people inducted this evening. one of the sixers players that will be introduced by fellow
6:47 am
sixers legend julius irving and within of our favorites, former coach larry brown. i always like him. john thompson as well. former topic in 1996 in the draft was an 11 time all-star and won the league mvp award in 2001. >> that was the the year we went to the finals against those lakers. >> this was allen's outfit last night at the hall of fame press conference, this is why we love him, suit and tie. at least he has a jacket on? is that a yankees hat, what is going on? i love it. >> what did you think of the outfit first of all. >> i loved it, vintage allen iverson. of course, shows up a little tardy, which we have come to expect. it is practice for tonight's ceremony. you have to love the chain, gold chain effect too, vintage
6:48 am
iverson. a plus for effort. >> we will have footage of the induction ceremony what is that in springfield, mass. >> correct, basketball. >> where james naysmith, and authenticity went to their first coach at university of kansas. that is you why are here. >> so, i did the not know that, very big basketball fan. >> he was very first coach of the university of kansas and only losing coach at that school and he invented the school. >> now we are back well. tan sander. >> i crib will before i shoot. >> sunday, browns, rg3 will be in town. we are used to playing against him but carson wentz all eyes on the nfl on him. here's the headline from the back of the daily news, eytan. >> i love that. >> rook and roll. we will see. we will just see if carson wentz is as ready as the eagles thinks he is. is that good english.
6:49 am
think he is. >> he is not ready right now but it it does than the math ever because it is his job. he is not going anywhere. we will need to see him grow. it will take a couple weeks. it may take a year. don't expect him to come out and throw for 400-yard and look like tom brady. at the same time he will look good. he will look okay. he will make mistakes. he has nerves. i don't know if he has been nervous. it seemed like he was in total command. when people speak and people talk about him they love him. they track him as a leader. he has that going for him. he will have nerves. first game ever. >> because city wants to rally behind somebody. we never thought it was bradford. he was never out there. never face of the team, and city. we always like wentz so much better. somebody to root for. under dog. >> the future. >> with bradford, it was a faceless team. we wanted to opinion pip him
6:50 am
as poster child but unfortunately with carson wentz we can grow with the child and watch him become a toddler to the teenager to an adult, hopefully to an mvp. >> etan that was beautifully stated. >> from a toddler to the teen, to a champion. so, we have his coach, doug with his debut. we have to protect carson wentz. doug has said that lane johnson will be the starting right tackle on offense because he has not been suspended. >> correct, because nfl has forgotten his name and they don't know who he is which is okay for week one but at some point there will be a suspension just a matter of negotiation. we anticipate right now there will be a income down in a couple of games, back and forth. unfortunate reality is this team need to move on knowing lane johnson's future. good news he has best possible offensive line for his first rookie debut. week two is different but all we care about is sunday.
6:51 am
>> jason peters on the other side. >> healthy for now. >> d looks pretty darn good, that is defense. >> i'll echo that sentiment pretty darn good. jim schwartz knows what he is doing. >> they have to take on rg3 who has come back very well. >> it is a very difficult situation for him because he has been through such a high his rookie year but then all of the low and frustration in washington. it is a new face, new place in cleveland. he has a great coach who knows how to deal with the quarterback. that is good for him. good for us. last couple years rg3 has been a train wreck. good news for eagles defense. >> next hour we want your prediction for how many wins foresees on but karen has found a video of carson wentz from high school. do you want to see this. >> would i love to see this. >> we were talking about jump shots talking a minute ago about basketball? what is he doing in this strange video. >> strange video.
6:52 am
>> yes, out of character. >> should authorities be called or not that strange. >> more in the line of tim tebow playing quarterback to a different sport like baseball. >> major switch. >> we will play it after the break. newspapers know the real story on pat toomey.
6:53 am
on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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let's get to this video. >> this is carson wentz is up to during his teenage year. the receipt i young now but as we go back in the day we found this video out there. young quarterback, high school, lets go back to 2011. he is practicing his talents. >> here we go. >> ♪ carson and his buddies in high school five years ago. >> i would like to see where they live, little house, we don't know much about him yet.
6:56 am
>> good edit. little did he know he would be a millionaire and live in philadelphia. huge. >> great guy. >> we will have have a big pep rally with he and everybody here. >> it starts in four minutes. bird are back in town. no question against cleveland browns. come over to fourth and market. we will have food, music, cheerleaders, pep band, we will have to get pumped up about something in this town.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
a wild chase through several neighborhoods, ends in a crash and gunfire. >> obviously looking to harm either police or citizens. >> why police say they shot at the driver even after the chase had been called off. plus a local family's heart break turned to horror their beloved mother, gone in a terrible accident, and then they make a disturbing discovery at the scene of that accident, taste later. their mother's hand. >> how do you leave that just laying on the side of the road for anybody to find. plus this weekend we will remember those we lost on september 11th, sunday marks 15 years since the terror attack, the mother of a local man killed in the attack shares her story and the things that she still feels 15 years later. the heat is certainly on,
7:00 am
again, it is seventh heat wave of the summer, it is having a major impact on schools, which districts are letting the kid out early? we have the list. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> the bird are back, this season, begins sunday verse cleveland browns at the link. we are getting you ready throwing our very own pep rally with think morning, first of the year. eagles cheerleader are here. pep ban, swoop, and who knows who else. come down to fourth and market. here we go. >> all right. >> karen, we have a cher here. is what your name. >> tim. >> from where. >> camden county technical schools. >> love it. what will we have on that table. >> today i'm going to make some parm son wings, get ready, tailgate time. >> what is better than wings on a tailgate. nothing. >> nothing. >> dj soul is here, hey dj soul good to see y


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